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The HabitNu Program is a CDC approved Diabetes Prevention Program brought to you through a collaboration with the NPO

Habits that last

With a simplified program that fits with your lifestyle and provides the support you need, making healthy habits that truly last has never been easier - Are you ready to make the change?

HabitNu is a CDC recognized lifestyle change program designed to help you improve your health.


We empower you to build healthier habits that last

With HabitNu, you become equipped with the knowledge and skills (plus support!) you need to begin a life-changing journey of preventing Type-2 diabetes.

From real live coaches to integrative communities and more, it’s never been more simple to nurture healthy habits that last a life-time!

Small Changes …. Big Rewards

With HabitNu you are not just following a weight loss plan. You are selecting a personalized lifestyle change program that was designed with real people in mind, to fit into your everyday routine.

We know that sticking to a plan is hard, which is why HabitNu is built around achieving small, sustained wins while meeting specific, achievable goals for lasting results.


Set and reach goals that truly fit with your life

HabitNu delivers a proven Diabetes Prevention Program developed by the Centers for Disease Control. (CDC). The program runs for one year and reduces your risk of developing Type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases while improving your health.

We empower you with the knowledge, skills and encouragement to tackle the risks of chronic illness so you can live your life and be well.


“I found HabitNu to be a very comprehensive program that has helped me to lose almost 10% of my body weight in 12 weeks”


– Natalie

69% of participants have lost 5% or more weight through our program while 80% remain engaged with our team!


– November 30, 2019

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