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National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) that delivers results

at NO COST to you

Get Active
Lose Weight

Why should I join? 

You may have tried several diet programs and exercise plans without long-term success. This program is not one of them.

The Ohio Network of National Diabetes Prevention Programs, delivered through the HabitNu app, will help you choose a path that works for you on your own terms! Choose from an in-person class at a location near you, or participate in a virtual online program.”

Beatrice Young, DPP Participant, HabitNu

"I lost weight and gained my health back.

Thank you for offering this program.”

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I joined HabitNu mainly for three reasons. I was overweight, my daily blood sugars were over 120 and I needed the accountability HabitNu offered to get me back on track. I have lost 12 pounds, over 5% of my body weight in the first 10 weeks, and my daily blood sugar is now between 80 - 110, at normal levels.

How can I join ?

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Take the "DO I QUALIFY" quiz to find out whether HabitNu is covered by your health plan 


Download the HabitNu app and work with your personal health coach to create a plan that works for you


Choose your own health goals and receive  support from a personal coach for a whole year!

How does it work?

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With DPP you can reach your wellness goals on your terms

Small changes, big rewards

Build healthy habits to reduce stress, sleep better, eat right, and lose weight 

Create a program that fits your lifestyle

Incorporate activity to fit your lifestyle. Connect with your personal coach when you need

No rules, dieting or fasting

DPP is flexible, you create your own goals that are achievable

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Develop life-changing habits. Tracking your weight is easy with HabitNu's connected scale.

Habitnu coach.png


Work with a personal health coach who understands your journey in real time

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Meet online weekly for 16 weeks with your coach and benefit from year-long support

Habitnu community.png


Access an easy-to-use HabitNu App to track your progress. Choose a schedule that works for you

Empower Yourself

Build healthy habits for life
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Reduce Stress
Sleep Better
Eat Right
Lose Weight

HabitNu DPP's impact

Oh, and this was the first checkup ever, where instead of presenting me with a long list of "Do's and Don’ts" at the end, the doctor simply stood up, and as he turned to leave the room he just paused, smiled, and said, "Congratulations!".


- Thank you HabitNu :-)

Richard, B, HabitNu Participant

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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Read more about lifestyle change with HabitNu

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